Q:  Why should I work with Ascentia, rather than with my direct rep from Sprint, Qwest, AT&T, Verizon, etc.?
A:  Ascentia works for you, not the carriers.  Therefore, you receive unbiased and objective collaboration without the typical hangups of meeting sales quotas, or only being able to offer the products and services of one company.  We take a tailored approach, using multiple carriers if necessary, to create the right solution that fits your company's needs.

Q:  Does Ascentia charge a fee for it's services?
A:  No.  Ascentia is paid by the carriers just like a direct rep woud be.  Some of our competitors charge the customer a percentage of savings, or a flat monthly fee IN ADDITION to receiving the carrier's commission.  At Ascentia, we do not subscribe to that type of policy and will never be a cost burden to our customers - directly or indirectly.

Q:  When we work with Ascentia, will we have access to the carrier's sales team and engineers?
A:  Absolutely.  Ascentia does not barr customers from working directly with the carrier of choice.  You may call your carrier sales team with billing questions, MACD's, Service Issues, etc., or you may call Ascentia IT Group, or call us both. 

Q:  How can my company begin working with Ascentia IT Group, LLC?
A:  Simply give us a call at (888) 332-3117, or email us at info@ascentiaitgroup.com