Welcome to Ascentia IT Group, LLC.  We're glad you stopped by.

Ascentia IT Group, LLC is authorized to broker the services of more than 80 telecom/datacom providers, which allows us to present to our customers and unbiased and completely objective solution.  We work with you to determine which carrier/service provider offers the best solution, with the best value, all at no cost to you.  (Please see the "Services" tab for additional information). 

Whether you are a company with one location and a few employees, or a global organization with thousands of employees, Ascentia IT Group, LLC can help ensure the best solution, with the right provider, at the right cost.

In 2009, multiple CIO surveys indicated a challenge to contain IT costs, or reduce them by an average of 20%.  At the same time, there has been an increased reliance on IT departments to help their organizations move forward by aligning technology initiatives to the corporate goals.  This is where Ascentia shines as a partner. 

We do not sell anything per se,  rather we provide as much appropriate information as possible to help our customers decide on the right IT solution for their organization.  In effect, Ascentia IT Group becomes a free extension of your IT department, providing you access to countless IT resources. 

Please consider putting Ascentia's 14+ years of experience to work for your organization.  We are your IT sourcing and cost reduction specialists.


The Ascentia IT Group Team